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Trusted Partners

My personal recommendations for further healing--products and services I use and trust.

Grounding Mats

Balance the electromagnetic field between yourself and the earth with crushed crystals and no cords! Some of my other favorite products: water bottle, yoga mat, face cream, wallet, bracelets, shoe insoles.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy calms our mood and heals our body


Meditations to help with anxiety and music to help you sleep.

Self-care for Moms

Childbirth Education Couple's Retreat, Doula services, One-on-One Thai Yoga, Pre- and Postnatal Massage, Infrared Sauna, Biomeridian Scanning, Customized Supplements...Oh my!

Stephanie Sorensen, CYT, CD, CBE

Bhava Birth


Nicolas Sorensen, LMT

Embody Wellness


Maralee Santo, Bioscan Practitioner

Body in Balance

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