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What will I experience during my session?

A session consists of you lying on a massage table completely clothed. I use a series of hand placements to check your energy, help you release emotions or false beliefs, and invite healing into your energetic and physical body. Reiki is typically done with light physical touch, but it can also be done hands free if you are not comfortable with that. It is very meditative, and I have oils diffusing and soft music playing. I also talk you through the process as I go along. You might feel strong emotions arise during the session or past memories come up that your body is ready to release. Most people feel very relaxed afterwards like a weight has been lifted.

What time and money commitment is entailed in learning Reiki?

One class is 8 hours long. There are 4 classes total. The first level gets you started, and then you can decide from there how much further you want to take it. There is a 21 day homework time after each class before you are given the certificate. That is how your confidence grows as you practice. The fourth level is for those who want to start their own practice and/or teach. My current prices are: Level 1 $200. Level 2 $250. Level 3 $250. Level 4 $300. (Total of $1,000 if you choose to take all 4)

What is your cancellation policy?

I do not offer refunds once you have paid for a session or class online. I ask that you be mindful and considerate of the time that I have set aside for you. Please give me at least 24 hour advance notice to either reschedule your session or you may receive a distance session in its place.

Does a mother's touch REIKI issue Reiki certification?

I do personally offer the certification through my Reiki classes. Only a Reiki Master can give attunements and certification to others. I am certified in the traditional Usui method of Reiki.

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