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My Story

I found Reiki when I was at a pivotal turning point in my journey.

I had life-long depression and anxiety, and I had accepted that these feelings were a part of my everyday existence. I also experienced post-partum depression and anxiety. After my third child, I began questioning if it was optional and if Christ wanted me to heal.

I experienced great growth and personal insight with my first Reiki session. It was a very meditative experience, and I was able to consequently heal long-held beliefs about my relationship to my mother. I realized I was not responsible for her happiness. This was a huge relief.

I knew at that point, I needed Reiki in my life.

I spent the next two years getting certified as a practitioner, giving dozens of Reiki sessions, continuing my own healing, and then becoming a Master Reiki Teacher.  

I have loved helping other mothers work through their emotional healing journeys. I am now committed to providing excellent education, training and resources so that more mothers will thrive.

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